Bob Wilkinson

Paint & Body Tech

About Bob

Bob Wilkinson, known fondly as Painter Bob, started doing paint & body work independently for Chris back in the late 1980’s and became a permanent part of the Cruz team in 2001. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Bob enlisted in the United States Army from 1977-1980. During his time in the Army, Bob worked his way up to be a Wheel Vehicle Track Mechanic. When Bob finished his time in the US Army, he enlisted in the United States Air Force to become a Jet Engine Mechanic, something he had always dreamed of doing. Making perfect scores on his enlistment test into the Air Force, Bob was welcomed into his dream job for the next five years.

In 1985, Bob decided to leave the United States military service to explore other aspects in the automotive industry. Bob applied himself in businesses that allowed him to become involved in the field of paint & body. In a few years, he proved to be highly qualified in the automotive industry. With his certifications and years of knowledge, it was only a matter of time before paths would cross that allowed Chris and Bob to meet.

In 1987, Chris was starting up in Deland and was looking for a paint & body man. Through a local paint supplier, the connection would be made for the two gentlemen’s meeting. Bob fit the bill for what Chris was looking for. He would work for Chris from time to time as he was needed. As time went on, Bob was needed more and more. In 2001 Chris hired Bob as his full time paint & body man.

The relationship between Chris and Bob has developed into more of a brotherhood than a friendship. Bob has proven his dedication and loyalty to Chris over the course of time. He continues to impress Chris with his abilities to adapt to the fixed structure of certain projects and be creative in the areas of fabrications and restorations on others. Collaboration between the two men is one of the keys to success in creating some of these awesome paint jobs.

A veteran who has served our country in two branches of service, a man of pride, and a true asset to the Chris Cruz Artistry business, this is our ‘Painter Bob’!