Chris Cruz


About Chris

Born in the Philippines, raised in Virginia, settling in Florida, Chris Cruz now calls Deland his home for over 26 years. His profound talent was discovered at a very young age. With the encouragement and support from his parents, Jesse & Carmen, Chris focused on his natural artistic talent throughout his school years. In high school ,art teacher, John Mogle played a crucial part in Chris’ advancement in learning the fundamentals of visual art. Chris is very grateful for all those involved in helping him achieve success over the past 30 years.

Chris’ parents owned and operated a country store/motorcycle dealership in rural Buckingham County, Virginia. During those times, Chris really began to grow as a young artist. Behind the shop,  in a rustic old shed, he painted images on the family van. When folks saw Chris’ talent, they began to request fine art portraits, and  business owners began to request lettering for their store fronts and signs. A business began to take shape over the years out in the country, and a young boy grew into a young man with a bright future.

With Dad Jesse leading the way in the field of motorcycling, Chris and older brother Joey were heavily into motocross racing, which remains one of Chris’ deepest passions. The family would vacation each year to Florida during the world famous Daytona BikeWeek. It is here in Daytona where Chris was intrigued by the prospect of Airbrushing. The trips to Florida inspired the young artist and led to his unique way of expressing his genre of art. With Chris’ undeniable abilities in art and his Dad’s success with the motorcycle dealership (mainly European bikes), the family agreed a move to Florida would be in their best interest. Between 1986 and 1987, Chris’ parents sold the country store/motorcycle shop and the Cruz clan began anew in the delightful town of Deland.

Time has changed the location and the landscape of the business. Time has also brought another generation to the business. Chris now has his son, Camden, working by his side. Like the past generation, Camden grew up in the Cruz family motorcycle and paint shop where his grandfather and father worked side by side. The diversity of the business has been built along the way with skilled people whom Chris employed. Today Chris’ team includes a talented group of individuals, all who contribute to create the very versatile business of Chris Cruz Artistry, Inc.

The man, the father, the humble artist. Beginnings from Quezon City, Philippines to the journey which led to the sunshine state of Florida. Chris is content and says he looks forward to what lies ahead,  “maybe some leisure time for fishing, motorcycling and motocross racing, enjoying my family, my friends, and perhaps one day, a new generation of Cruz’ to continue the family business. But for now, this is the only thing I have ever done, its what I know and its my gift to share with others. Its been a tremendous journey for me and I am very grateful. I will continue for as long as its meant to be”.