Camden Cruz

Asst. Painter/Artist


About Camden

Camden is very familiar with his Dad’s business. Growing up in the surroundings of the family business, Camden took a keen interest in what he would see going on with all the creations that were taking place throughout the years. Gifted with artistic ability himself, Camden enjoyed being able to hang out with his Dad after school and help out with whatever was needed. Camden’s interest and skills began to show during his high school years.


Following the steps of his grandfather, dad, and uncles, Camden also has the Cruz addiction to motorcycles…motocross that is! With the support of his parents, aunt & uncle, Camden would progress rapidly in the sport of motocross in his teen years. He raced the AMA Amateur MX series from 1999-2004. During those years of competing, Camden would discover another talent that would eventually pull him from MX racing and place him into the magic of making music. Not just any music but, Power Metal Music!!


After graduation in 2006, Camden came to work for his Dad fulltime. Camden has developed his talents and skills to become an assistant painter/artist at Chris Cruz Artistry. He shines in his computer skills at developing custom design & graphics. He is our “go to guy” when it comes to all the computer-tech needs for the shop. Camden’s hands on knowledge ranges from body prep, total finishing process, and he excels in the area of  graphic arts. He also specializes in painting the special Carbon-Fiber paint effects technique that Chris Cruz Artistry team developed. The product for this technique is sold throughout the airbrush art industry.


Along with working fulltime at Dad’s shop, Camden is an entrepreneur in his own right. Over the course of the past six years, Camden created two bands and his own management company. ‘This Solemn Vow’ was his first band. Their album entitled ‘Behind the Second Curtain’ opened the door and led the way to his current band “Seven Kingdoms” which has produced three albums. Seven Kingdoms’ band members collaborated in creating all original music and lyrics. Camden, blessed again with talent to play lead guitar, took some lessons to broaden his skills in what would turn into his passion. Camden’s success in the music industry has led him to develope his own management company helping and guiding  young and upcoming artist who are seeking careers and fame in the Metal music world.


Camden Cruz has made his Dad very proud working side by side. His dad is also proud that Camden has found his own artistic passion in the world of music. Who knows what gifts the next Cruz generation will be blessed with? One thing for sure, they will have a passion for being creative!